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Ah, with Valentine's day right around the corner... I can't get my head out of all the pretty and pink shops! Pinkdawn is no exception! Filled with all sorts of divine pieces from earrings, to bracelets to earrings, oh my! This shop's got it all! Dawn makes all of her lovely jewelry from her home studio in Perth Western Australia. Perfect (and affordable) styles for brides and any princess at heart! ;) Visit today and find something to treasure!

Fuchsia Bloom Studio

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What girl doesn't feel the need to add to her jewelry collection during the Valentine's day season? Who am I kidding... I should say, ANY season! ;) I was pleasantly surprised by all the adoringly lovely finds over at Fuchsia Bloom Studio. It was honestly difficult to choose which perfectly divine pieces to feature! There are goodies lurking in every corner of the shop! Stop by today and find something beautiful for your loved one (and yourself)!


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I bought these totally awesome custom coasters from RobertoSand and I just had to rave about them! I was really getting tired of my metal coasters that would stick to the bottom of sweaty cups... and even more so of the paper ones that would just soak up the drips. These wooden ones are absolutely perfect! They're such an awesome gift too! I love love love them! Stop by RobertoSand today and find something perfect.


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I love stopping by a shop and finding myself wanting everything! That's exactly how I feel about Mod3rnArt! Jam packed with some of the most original and exciting pieces of jewelry I've ever seen! This little shop's just made my list of favorites for sure! I mean seriously, how insanely cute is that coffee pot necklace!? Insanely cute! Fantastic find!
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Handmade by Jody

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Variety is quite a pleasure isn't it? Well, that's exactly what you'll find when you step into Handmade by Jody! An assortment of delightfully handmade items from necklaces and scarves to bags, socks and even hats! Whatever accessory you're in the market for, chances are, you'll find it here! Stop in today and fill your basket!
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Design Lab 443

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Looking for something extra special to put a sparkle in a little one's eyes? Well, head on over to Design Lab 443 and find yourself surrounded by all sorts of fantastically designed fabric goodies! Filled with everything from totally girly felt flower headbands to super fun Kermit the frog bean bags, this shops got tons of fun handmade items for the kiddies! A super fun find indeed!
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If I were to tell you that WireFox had an AMAZING collection of photography and funky jewelry, it would be an understatement! This little shop's got what it takes to be one of my all time favorites! With an abundance of super cool photographic shots with amazing composition and awesomely unique up-cycled bottlecaps, this is one shop NOT to pass on by! You absolutely have to stop by their jewelry area too! Fantastic find with tons of potential! Hooray for WireFox!
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