brown applique dress by Jane Bon Bon

Posted by Stella On 5:27 PM

This spicy little number has BOMBSHELL written all over it! This completely handmade dress has an absolutely stunning color combination that will turn heads and even spark a few flames! Woo-hoo! Look out! This is one killer dress that deserves a vixen to wear it proudly! What an absolutely FANTASTIC shop with so much to offer! Visit Jane Bon Bon's shop today and find the perfect match for you!

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  1. Rose Campion Said,

    Hey, I bought that dress!

    I was googling for Jane Bon Bon, for her website and your blog popped up on the list.

    I just had to say how much I love that dress and I wear it all the time. Am I a bombshell? Maybe, maybe not. I will say that every jane bon bon dress I've bought (I'm the proud owner of several) fits perfectly, like it was made for me, even if its an off the rack size, and makes me look and feel fantastic.



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