UNIQUE Decca Record Bowl by Nice Designs

Posted by Stella On 7:50 PM

Nice Designs ROCKS! Seriously, I could stop there but I won't.

I found myself mesmerized by all the super cool, totally awesome and fantastically fun items this brilliant shop has to offer. I couldn't help myself...I purchased a lovely recycled vinyl record cuff... and then, I came back for more!

Tootsie pop and dum dum magnets, a super dooper retro vinyl record bowl and more! Every item I received was down right perfect to the T...but couldn't resist, I had to feature one of her many recycled record bowls. Not only are they freakin' AWESOME, but they add such a unique touch to your room. Mine has found a new home on my coffee table and I cannot deny that all of my guests get a kick out of it when they realize that it's a record.

Simply brilliant shop and one of my all time favorites.

NICE Designs certainly made me a happy little shopper. ;) Way to go!

2 Response to "UNIQUE Decca Record Bowl by Nice Designs"

  1. Tiff Said,

    So cool these are!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you



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